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I'm Matthew Lesko, USA's #1 Grant Expert.

I've dedicated my career to helping everyday people secure government grants that help build businesses, eliminate debt, and improve lives. I offer honest and unlimited personalized financial advice to address your individual needs. Access over 40 years’ worth of research that will save you hours, or even days! I only direct you to sources that give you money (not take it) and I will never upsell you.

The government has hundreds of grants that offer financial support for areas such as: 

  •  Starting (or expanding) a business
  •  Legal help
  •  Job training and education
  •  Health care
  •  Financing a car
  •  Paying rent
  •  And More!

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Work with me and discover Government Assistance programs you never knew existed. Membership subscriptions start at $8.30/month. Cancel anytime.

Work With the Most Celebrated Free Money Expert in America

Founder of a computer software firm and one of America's first information brokerage companies. Author of over 100 books including 2 New York Times bestsellers. Over 4 Million Copies Sold. Former syndicated financial columnist for New York Times, Good Housekeeping Magazine and Chicago Tribune. Popular TV talk show guest on hundreds of programs including Oprah, Larry King, Letterman, Fox News, Jay Leno, Today Show, ABC News and CNN. His TV infomercials are rated as one of the 5 Best in America.


Unlimited Access to Financial Advice

Contact Lesko directly — tell him the problem you need to solve and he’ll send you the right resources to quickly apply for funds.

Admittance to the Lesko Help Community

Connect with fellow members who have found success. Receive invaluable tips for securing grant funding.

Free Mini State Grant Report

Download your state’s report that includes application info for 500+ personal grants to address any financial need.

400+ Custom Grant Reports

Access the latest custom reports across 400+ topics that provide resources and techniques for finding new Federal and State grants.

Grant Research Training

Free weekly self-directed training with opportunity to receive $200 for participation alone.

Live Q&A Webinars

Participate in regular broadcasts where you can ask Matthew Lesko your top-of-mind questions directly.

In addition to personalized help with applying fo any government grant, NEW Lesko Help members can apply to Lesko’s Private $30,000 Monthly Grant Giveaway!

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June 4, 2022 Midnight EST*

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Lesko Help?

Lesko Help is a service led by America’s #1 Grant Expert, Matthew Lesko, that provides members with personalized tips, recommendations and additional resources to help find free money in the form of government grants.

Lesko Help runs on the power of our kind and caring community. Ask questions and discover resources in our private Facebook group or on our companion site, Lesko Help 2. There’s no limit to the number of questions you can ask — we’re always here to help!

How do I become a member?

Membership is easy AND flexible. Choose from Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annual, or Annual billing cycles on Leskohelp.com. Pay with a debit/credit card or with PayPal. Cancel any time, no questions asked. Once you’ve signed up, you should be hearing from us via email right away. Check your email’s Junk/Spam folder to make sure Lesko emails don’t get trapped there!

Once I’m a member, how do I get started?

You can take advantage of your Lesko Help membership immediately! Be on the lookout for instructions in your email inbox that provide you with access links and instructions for joining the private Lesko Help Facebook Group and Lesko Help 2. These platforms are where the one-on-one help with Matthew Lesko takes place.

What’s the difference between Lesko Help and Lesko Help 2?

Lesko Help originated as a private Facebook group built for members who love to connect on social media. We expanded to Lesko Help 2 to provide more resources and welcome in members who prefer not to use Facebook. Access to both sites is included in the cost of your membership. If you’re having trouble with access to either channel, send an email to leskohelp@gmail.com so we can get you approved quickly.

How do I access Lesko Help?

Once you become a member, you can immediately request access to our private Facebook Group >> HERE

How do I access Lesko Help 2?

Once you become a member, you’ll receive a purchase confirmation email with a special link to your Lesko Help 2 access. This is at NO extra cost for Lesko Help members. If you are prompted to pay when logging in, reach out to our team at LeskoHelp@gmail.com

How do I get help…QUICKLY?

Posting a public question in the Lesko Help Facebook Group or on Lesko Help 2 is the fastest way to get help. On Facebook, you can expect questions to be answered within 24-48 hours.

On Lesko Help 2, post a question in the chat and you’ll receive resources from staff and fellow members.

Note: All questions regarding grants or finding financial support should be asked publicly in group chats or message boards, NOT via DMs, private chats, or email.

How do I update my membership status?

Want to adjust your payment cycle or cancel your membership? This can be easily done at Leskohelpmember.com

What kind of help can I expect from my Lesko Help membership?

We know where to find all of the government grants and resources that you’ll never find searching on Google.

We’ve helped our members access THOUSANDS of dollars in financial assistance for rent assistance, medical bills, vet bills, job training, car maintenance, starting a small business — the list goes on and on. It all starts with your question and a desire to be persistent in asking for help.

***$60,000 in Private Grants Every Month – Just For Members

Matthew Lesko gives away tens of thousands of dollars in personal grants…EVERY MONTH. Application is free and easy for members. Simply fill out a form and tell Lesko what you’d do with the extra cash.

***20 Free Laptops for Members Who Don’t Have One

Sure you can use your phone to find gov’t grants and many members do. But it is a whole lot easier with a laptop.

***Government Grant Gopher Award

Trophies to members who share their successful grant applications.

***$250 Lesko Giveaway Participation Award

Top performers in monthly grant training courses receive $250 each.

***4 Different Weeks Live Grant Training WorkShops On Lesko Help 2

Learn from live instruction as well as wisdom from other members.
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